Wednesday, April 24, 2013

New Shawl....finally! ;o)

Alrighty, here it is at the crack of dawn on the West Coast (the sun has been up over an hour already, just not me) and Paula noted that my last post did not have the shawl in it at all. Poor old Cat. She is having a hard time keeping up with herself!

This is the shawl that we are working on in our group on Ravelry.  It is from Drops and is called Edelweiss pattern 145-6.  We all have had a bit of a time following the directions - which are in English, but I would have to say not written in the way that American crochet designers write.  It is written the way they write their patterns in Europe.  Takes a lot to interpret...but interpret we do!

This is through row seven, starting row eight...using Unforgettable by Red Heart.

Then this is about row 11 I think.....

Now this is about row 26...

And THIS is what I am using...a gift from my BFF Bev

It is very handy to have...keeps everything right beside me!

What are YOU working on these days?


  1. Working on my 3rd Very Hungry Caterpillar. Had to start the 4rd one in new yarn . . I couldn't find the yarn you sent me for the first two :(

    Also working on a Yo Yo Clown Doll and Giraffe for Christmas presents.

  2. Oh my gosh, it is gorgeous, Cat. And, I'm so glad you are getting some good use out of my gift. Every time you look at it I hope you think of how much I value your friendship.