Sunday, August 26, 2012

Contests are a comin'!

We will be running contests quite often over at Ravelry on my Cat's Crochet Corner group.  Anyone who enter's has a chance to win some awesome yarn and other goodies, so keep a check on it and join if you aren't a member already.  You can order yarn via a PM, and I try to keep my prices competitive so check it out under Pages which is part of the group.

I also thought I would share one of the items that Bev made for the store (which I may steal some day!) that shows what you can do with the Sock-Ease sock yarn.  Isn't this beautiful!  The pattern for this bed jacket comes from the first crochet pattern book I ever owned...and most of the fashion in that book are still appropriate for today...babies and women alike.  I'm not so sure about most of the MEN fashions, however! Some are a little front vest that looks like a Dane or a character out of "Heidi" would be wearing in the early 20's!

It is called "Crochet: A Golden Hands Pattern Book from Random House.  Well worth the money if you can find it!  I think Amazon still has a few available.

Back to may have seen the lovely red dress she made with the new Uptown DK.  It is soft as butter! If you haven't tried this yarn, you are really missing out!

Now to me....slowly but surely I am trying to make a floppy hat for the football season.  This is in the Boise State colors in Vanna's Choice.   We see a lot of these colors during this time of year!  

I  think the hat looks a little off (I have a lot more finished) but we shall see.  I have the Orange as the ribbing...even if it isn't "perfect" it will go on the "little person" so doesn't mean an actual human will wear it!  Just for show!

Just for your information, I carry ALL the Vanna's Choice colors, so if you need any I'm your gal! Check out the group for ordering!

Happy Crocheting!

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