Monday, July 30, 2012

Lavender Festival

Over a week ago I visited Sequim, WA to see the Lavender Festival and play a bit, as well as rest and relax with friends.  It's a beautiful place....chilly compared to the 100 degree weather I left behind! It was in the 60's the whole time.

I stole this from their web site...but it is just what I saw!  The most magnificent place was the one which was a house built to replicate that of George Washington's house.  WOW!  You just have to see it if you are in the area....I'd suggest if you ever want to visit the festival is that you go a day early and get a room as coming in from Seattle would be an extra two or three hours as the cars as really backed up for MILES, and MILES, and MILES!

Isn't this just beautiful...the inside is so much better!

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