Saturday, June 9, 2012

Crochet and All That Stuff...

It is taking me a bit to get back into crocheting again.  I am making a second monster for an exchange to send off on Monday.  I had ordered a book for the monster and it never came, so made one up. Didn't like it.

The book arrived, and did not find the monster in there that I had thought was so cute! So went on line and found one like the one I really wanted...have one more leg and two arms to go and will then be ready to send it off, too.  The other "stuff" already left.

So, now I might join a swap.  Easy access to yarn and the post office, so might as well! Plus I have lots of time on my hands. Have already finished three projects since opening the store!

Saturdays seem to be especially quiet here in town.  I will keep open during June, but if it doesn't pick up any I think I will be taking 3 day weekends. :o)

I found this photo - may have already posted it.  I took it a week before my husband passed away...I like to think it was more like a pathway to heaven for him.  We do have spectacular sunsets here!


  1. I think you are right on that sunset. It's beautiful -- I hope there is one like that for me when it's my turn.

  2. I found a card once that said an old Indian legend saysthat the stars at night are really the eyes of our ancestors shining down on us after they die.

    I think that is a sweet sentement . . .I think of that so often when I see stars really twinkling at night.

  3. That is a gorgeous sunset. I hope business picks up for you. Have you advertised or is the town small enough and enough traffic passes by that people know you're there?

  4. Just wanted to stop by to say Hello. I might not comment regularly but I do read your post. Stay Cool!