Monday, October 3, 2011


I've been scammed. I can't believe it....the kind of thing that I warn people about happened to my husband and I.  Had I answered the phone and heard what he said, then I would have known it wasn't my nephew, but he was talking to my husband first.

The problem is he SOUNDED like my nephew...who is a good guy who never gets in trouble.  Well, if you ever get a call from a "relative" in trouble (especially if it is in Canada) tell them to go to h#&&. :o)

We are out $3,000 - it won't kill us, but it does hurt us.  Hurts my pride worse than anything,  and I am usually more careful.

So if you get any Canada number like this one (1-514-553-4182)  it is a scam.  Many of those numbers are, and especially if they call you from a number that is a Google number.

Now that I have it all figured out I know that the people in CA called through the Google number - that they were in jail in Oceanside with some of those special cell phones - and then used another similar type Google Canada number...can't trace it.  Lost the money. Lost my pride, and during a time when we are underwater emotionally.

At least someone in Oceanside was able to get out of jail. GRRRRRRR.


  1. OMG! Are you kidding me? I am SOOSOOO sorry to hear this. Damn criminals.

  2. Oh man....I'm so sorry. I've not known anyone personally that this has happened to but seen it a lot on tv. That bites.