Wednesday, June 22, 2011

If I Am Not Crocheting......

.....I am putting together Dowdle puzzles! This one is called "Amish Quilts."

This is something to do when your brain is in overload and you can't concentrate on life. Great way to clear the cobwebs.  I finished the "Seattle" puzzle prior to this, and now have opened the "Santa Barbara" puzzle.

I have been collecting the puzzles from the cities where I have a loved one, or where I lived, or there was a significant event.  Also, I have some of his puzzles, like the one above, that are just fun puzzles.  I finished a "Hot Air Balloon" earlier this year.

This is taking my mind off my vest pattern by Doris Chan in the Crochet! magazine.  I'd load a photo of it here, except the photo loader is not working. I have tried it every which way I can...sorry. It is on the other blog, if you are interested and haven't seen it.

Turns out the pattern is way off, AND the errata provided by Doris was also not right. She told me in a link, "Please just put the project aside for now, if you can, and check back here for a link to the corrections.  There's no way I can hold your hand through it."

Guess that says it all! ;o(


  1. Then I shall hold your hand until you get the correction update :0}

  2. Thank you Paula - feels good to hold your hand any day!

  3. I so agree I too love to do puzzles...they are a great stress reliever..

  4. I have been reading some great novels lately instead of crocheting.