Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The Next Afghan Joining

This afghan is one of the newer ones from last year. I still have others from 2009! However, this goes to my SIL, who became a G'ma this year, so want to give her something special. Sort of like a prayer shawl because she is so far away from her beautiful granddaughter. That has got to be hard.
I had started bordering in a coral color, but it was too bright so ripped it out. I wanted to try to soften the bright colors, so am using beige...even though it looks a tad pinkish here, it isn't.
After all the squares are bordered, and put togehter, I am going to use all the main colors and do a row of each, then top it off with just one of the colors as the wider border.
WHICH color is the question.


  1. Green is the answer -- oh, how funny! I typed that before I saw Paula's response above. Now you have to use green.

  2. What is even funnier is I saw a square to border last night that has mostly the Sweet Pea color and thought "Wow - that much green is stunning with these colors!"

    So - green it is! THANKS!

  3. I'm just cruising on through being nosy. :) But I wanted to say the squares are lovely.