Saturday, December 5, 2009

My Other Passion

I love jigsaw puzzles!  I LOVE THEM!  I have only had one I could not put together, but I think that had a lot to do with the fact it was one someone gave me and I didn't like it all that well anyway.  A Thomas Kincaid which seemed to be all the same color!

This one was a gift from my baby DSIL.  They visited a couple of months ago and she helped start it. Unfortunately, they left before it was finished.  It only took me a couple of weeks to get it done, but I kept it up for a couple of weeks after that.

I sent it to another DSIL as she loves them as much as I do.  She sent me a doozy one time, and it took me ages to finish!  She, however, was able to finish the one that I couldn't in just a couple of weeks or less.  BAH.

I am in the process of making her an afghan in blues and greens in Vanna's Choice.  I forgot to ask her if she wanted light color or dark colors, but at least clarified she doesn't like wool. I decided to buy yarn that looks a lot like the Caribbean Ocean....beautiful lighter blues and greens with a touch of teal.  Hopefully she will like it.

I did finish my Hexagon afghan and posted it on my other site.  It didn't sell at the bazaar so am touching it up a tad with another border - in Eggplant, to match some of the colors in the afghan.  Might give it to my DSD as she seemed to like it a lot.  I'll post a photo of it when I am finished with the whole border.

Happy yarning!

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