Monday, October 20, 2008

Do you think Crochet?

On Sunday I was listening to the sermon and heard the pastor say that when he looks at life around him he sees things from the perspective of a sermon happening right in front of him.  He wondered allowed if an mechanic saw things in terms of taking things apart and fixing them, or if a CPA saw life in terms of how to handle money.

That got me to thinking on how I see life now - in patterns.  I see checkers and visualize how to hook up the two colors.  I see beautiful knit sweaters and think which stitches I could use to duplicate the look, and what yarn I could use to give it as nice a drape as the knit (that's always the big question).   Often I will browse the clothing racks and see a blouse or a skirt or a pair of pants and see what could be a possible crochet project.  It is all so fascinating - so much yarn, so many patterns, so little time left.

I see life in colors, too - I see how colors play out in nature, with various greens matched to other floral colors, or how the ocean is covered with the many hues of green and blue.  I love to work with bold colors, but seldom do so as I found I fear in making a mistake!  So I am now pushing myself to pair bold, striking colors in my projects.

I see possibilities in so may forms - something that would look cute made up as a doggie coat.  Something that would make a neat vest pattern, or squares for an afghan.

And speaking of vest patterns, I cannot get the Garn Studio vest pattern to work for my friends vest, so am making one up as I go using bits and pieces of several patterns to make one I like and that she will like.  That means a high neck, buttons down the front, lots of room, sleeveless with shoulders that don't hang over, not girly looking, comfy and not mannish.  I hope what I am doing works.  At least the color is perfect!

By the potholders are turning out to be stunning, if I do say so myself.  Now THOSE are fun and satisfy my creativity in short spurts.  Two or three a week - like taking a happy pill!  This week I have been working on teal and purple ones in various wave or check patterns.  Fun!  I'll start posting my patterns pretty soon, so if anyone out there actually wants one (wouldn't that be nice) then they can have them.

This is a filet stitch on top and just double crochets for the backing.  All done in washable wool (wool is fire resistant).  


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