Sunday, September 8, 2013

A bit of this and a bit of that....

I posted a photo I found on PinInterest on Ravelry.  Then I saw in the corner a bit of a name, so put it in the search engine.  It took me to a Russian blog of some sort where they have their own PinInterest type of setup.  Anyway, I saw this cutest little dress!  Below is a chart that goes for the dress or the cape like affair in red.  I just thought it was darling so had to post it!

Now this little gem is the new sink I purchased at IKEA yesterday.  The drawers actually are drawers!  I love it!  This is for the guest bathroom which had one of those glass vessel sinks in there that exploded one day - thankfully when no one was around.  I'm finally getting around to replacing it.  I love that the sink is usable, deep enough, and that there is counter space to the side.  Makes so much sense not to center it!  Right?

Now here is a collection of photos from the TV or my iPad.  They are showing articles of clothing that I have found really interesting either for the pattern or the colors.  I particular love both in the sweater below.
The sweater below is nearly the same pattern as the one two photos below.  I thought it was until I compared these two photos. Two lovely but different colors.  These come from Rosemary and Thyme, the show of women sleuths from the UK. Actually, I think all these photos are from the UK.  Hmmmmm...must mean something. ??
The white sweater is really neat. I wish it had come out better. I think I could actually make something similar in crochet if I put my mind to it.

Of course the vest above is like the green one.  The sweater below is just darling, too!
Now we come to my squares. I had tried to design a square and have it tested. Well, actually it was tested by two of my weary friends.  I don't write up directions very well.  I think I would have done a better job if I had done it as a mystery cal instead.  I call this square Tilly.  Margaret and Judy had practically re-written the instructions so will spend a couple days this week putting it together to post.  

Now I could not just let the day go by without sharing a photo of my 16 year old Shih Tzu, Chuckie.  He gets cold easily and we had a real turn from warm to cold last week.  I have yet to crochet him a sweater that fits, so took the sleeve off one of my very old sweatshirts, then cut holes for his front legs. He seemed to enjoy it as did not whine at me when in bed acting cold and shivering.  I think that I could do a better job....maybe put in a zipper to make it easier to get on and off.  However, we are back to warm weather again so will procrastinate for a bit.
Last, but not least, is a photo of the back of a sweater. This one, believe it or not, didn't come from the TV but rather was a lady in the Post Office on Saturday. I asked her permission to snap the photo as felt it was a lovely set of pattern changes.  Maybe something that I could do some day. Along with the many other "some day" projects I have stored up!
I am working on a shawl, slowly.  An afghan not quite as slowly (for my 12 year old grandnephew).  Still have the hippo to finish, a scarf that Bev designed which I'm half way through, and a mystery cal or three that I started and never finished.

So that's been my week.  What the heck have you been doing???