Sunday, November 25, 2012

What Advertising Can Do...



Good morning!  I am up bright and early...looked out the window to see the lights across the valley...lo and behold I thought someone covered my window with a sheet!  I walked closer and found that the fog, which generally stays below (I am 200+ feet above the town) was not only up here, but is so thick I could not see 20 feet in front of me!  I hope people stay home today to relax!

I found it appropriate that I received a message from the International President of a group I belong to ... Optimist International.  Basically, it is a service group to help children, but it also is a group to encourage optimism within it's ranks.  My brother is a president of a California group...I was once president for a year of one of the groups within high school.  Opti-Miss. :o) Play on words!

This is an excerpt from his message:

'Black Friday, a term originally coined in 1975 to describe the increase pedestrian traffic and automotive congestion in Philadelphia the day after Thanksgiving, later took on a greater meaning for the busiest shopping day of the year and described the day that retailers moved “into the black” showing profit. It was not until 2003 that Black Friday truly became the busiest shopping day of the year, and has been since. At times I find it hard to believe it was not always the busiest day for shopping, but must say I long for the introspective time that the long Thanksgiving weekend provided sans retail thoughts of a future holiday.'

 That made me think of the many Thanksgiving Day weekends I spent with the family at home when I was a child.  We would watch some football, but mainly we played outside if the weather was good, stayed busy with family and friends.  We ate and talked and visited with those we had not seen lately. What a lovely time of togetherness and joy.  We certainly didn't go shopping.

Although, being in a small business, I do believe in giving back to the community and like the idea of the Small business Saturday....I just don't like it being on Thanksgiving weekend.  I don't think those "in charge" just how much preparation has to go into such an event, and how it takes us away from our loved ones at home just so Joe Blow can go shopping.  That particular day should be moved into another week so those who need the money for their small business to run can still spend quality time with their family during an important holiday, and make the money a week later.

Money just isn't the most important master, yet we are asked to serve that master every day and to give up the things that really matter.  Home, family, down-time, and the joy of a day well spent.


You just never know when it will be your last Thanksgiving together.


Thursday, November 22, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving...belatedly....

Just a reminder as the months turn cold and the flowers leave us what it is that we can look forward to next year!

......then Summer will be right around the corner!

Happy Thanksgiving!!!