Saturday, July 23, 2011

Time flies again...

I cannot believe just how often I am NOT posting.  If we are not traveling to Portland for medical reasons, we are having company, or visiting friends in far away towns.  I just don't seem to have time for myself these days.

Crocheting? WHAT is THAT?  I have made a few small projects for swaps, but those I finished long before now. I knew time would be short with the travels, so finished ahead of time. Right now I don't seem to have energy for anything short of playing a game on my iPad.

We had our THIRD water break, so they put in a new line. Now I am worrying that they did not cut the far lines but just capped them.  Will have to double check with the bossman to see what they did do. Sometimes the worker bees don't realize what is really needed. It was a capped line that started this whole thing of the hillside sliding down.

This is a photo of a dove which is not a) a natural inhabitant of North America, and b) rarely seen in the northern states, and c) even more rare in the North West area.  We have two here now - a couple. It is a Eurasian Collared Dove. Nearly all white.  The Ring-Necked Dove has more white and less grey.  Pretty little devil, eh?

I may have posted this before. Hubby and one of our visitors this summer. The red-headed grandchild and her older sister, minus one tooth. :o) These two are really beautiful little girls, and part of that beauty is that they are extremely nice and generally well behaved. Says Grandma.

Last, but NOT least is a photo of your's truly and our nephew from Texas, here to visit the uncle and grandpa - who will be 95 in September. Handsome dude!

As I said in my Facebook posting, there is a beige cami under the black cami! At least you can see it sticking out from underneath as proof! Also, no cleavage, so you know it is covered up! Sure looks strange, though!

Maybe some crochet posting next week after our next trip to Portland...this time we are flying. So glad we have great house sitters who stay at a moments notice! They love being here with the dogs, so we are blessed.

Just a reminder to take care of your family, and love them to pieces every day. They won't always be around for you to kiss and make up........