Tuesday, May 23, 2017

I started a cowl for my DSD, Heidi, from one of the Tosh Vintage skeins she gave me.  This does not do the color justice….or the pattern.  I am close to finishing so after I block I can post a better photo. The stitch is a simple sc-ch1-sc V stitch going back and forth using the ch1 below for the V stitch above.  Looks really nice blocked….more lacy, although NOT lacy.  Nice texture. I'm using a J hook for the worsted weight Vintage.

My neighbor to the south of me has finished his fence on the property line.  I put my fence five feet inside my line so will make a change this summer and take my fence down, then finish the back with this kind of fence.  Note the concrete…I'm thinking water protection and perhaps it helps keep the voles out?  Would have to be fairly deep for that I think. It's beautiful!

The Rhodie out front is blooming…it is BEAUTIFUL!  

The bees love the flowers so it is rather like "running the gauntlet" getting into the house.  Brodie, my big (big) Lab mix, wants to chomp on them which scares me.  

I finished a hate for a designer on Ravelry.  Just waiting for her to publish the pattern so I can post photos.  I made two and they really are lovely beanies! One yellow and one light blue. Gave the yellow one to the "other" grandmother.


Saturday, April 22, 2017

Crochet Blues….

Just started this a couple of days ago and should have take another photo as it is about twice this size now.  Just a simple sc/ch1/sc stitch.

I haven't crocheted a thing in the last two weeks or more.  Have been traveling and also getting the house in Oregon ready to sell, as well as having doctor appointments.  Life has been a roller coaster, so did not feel much like adding to the stress in trying to figure out what to crochet and what yarn to use.

This is a yarn by Ancient Arts Yarn Company called Tortoiseshell. They make a super darling yarn  series of "cat" colored yarns. I had a Tortie - well actually two, and both were named Pumpkin, Punkie for short. I love Torties and Calicos.

I decided to make a scarf….tentatively for me.

My DSD and DSIL gave me a subscription to Jimmy Bean's yarn series by Madelinetosh.  I receive one skein a month for a year…last month's skein and this months skein came at the same time.

This is Madelinetosh, Vintage Tosh, in two of their exclusive colors for this yarn series for JB.  I love them both but am thinking of doing up a scarf of some sort for my DSD with the one above.  I purchased a skein of yarn that is very very similar to the one on the bottom so will have to dig it out and if it is the same weight perhaps I can make a stripped zig zag scarf with it for me!

Sunday, April 16, 2017


Finished….not my cup of tea but several family members like it!

Brodie is growing again….his back seems to hurt. I hope he hasn't really injured himself.  Poor Maggie has arthritis which seems to be worse. Looks like we are all on the downhill slide!

This is a carpet in my best friends house.  I'm hoping I can sort of duplicate it in crochet this Fall maybe. It would be (I hope!) a fun project!

Happy Easter Blessings to all!