Friday, November 27, 2015

New England Patriots Christmas Stocking

The foot is leaning a bit which makes it look skinny.  I was going to add more stars, but thought it looked kind of cute like this, so left it.  Hope John loves it!

Now I am finished….except I do want to make one more for their doggie, but have a couple of other projects to finish first.

I am working on a  hat for myself…it is in an Interweave Accessories magazine and is called the Polka Hat.  I am not making the dots, just doing it plain with a colorful yarn!

The first photos don't look that colorful, but the green hasn't show up yet…The first photo shows just the purplish brown which is on the left of the second photo.   The hat is worked top to bottom, so you can see in the second photo the top of the hat at the left and the bottom is the head band part. Looks great so far!

Of course, never let it be said that I am not sharing photos of my doggies!  This is 10 year old Maggie, the Border Collie, and Brodie my 4 month old puppy! Oh, my….good thing he is so sweet and wants to be a lap dog!

Hope your Thanksgiving was super wonderful, and that you are enjoying the weekend with family and friends!

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Similar but different stocking….

Although the colors look the same in the photos, they are not.  These are two different yarns from the one in the last stocking…more cream and the red is a little more rusty looking.  Of all the Christmas Stockings I think I like this one second next to the ZigZag one.  It has a smoother look to it.
I hope my sweet darling niece loves these!
Only one more to show you.
I hope that you are all getting ready for Christmas in your own way and are enjoying yourselves doing it.  Giving is such a joy!

Monday, November 23, 2015

Another Christmas Stocking!

I have one other finished I need to post. Luckily, I finished this before my wrist hurt so bad that I could not crochet for several days. Feels better now. Already had on operation for carpal tunnel and don't want another one.
In crocheting 5 stockings, all in singl crochet, and as quickly as I could, all led me to a painful episode…BUT…it was so worth it!  I can now get them shipped out as promised three years ago! Hah!
 When I finished the stocking I had LOTS of ends to weave in (which makes up the seam in the back). Unfortunately, I did not account for the red not being as heavy as the doubled white in this one, so the stripes are not so even as I would like.  The white is a white yarn and a skein of Glamour so that it sparkles.  Next time I will put a Glamour red sparkle with the red yarn, too!
This is the Waiting For Santa pattern from Red Heart again.