Thursday, May 19, 2016

Slouchy Hat

My granddaughter tried it on for me for the photo.  I gave it to her as she seemed to like it, but don't know if she does.  The fact that it represents a look that is a little rebellious might be something that makes her like it better!!!

The pattern for this Slouchy Hat is from the book Crochet Boutique by Rachael Oglesby.

It looks pretty straight and I was fearful it would not slouch, but as you can see it did!

This is the result of making something from a package I received earlier in April (same package as yarn for the little bowl), and I am hoping that the pom washes up well!!

My new grandchild!!  This is Flicka resting at her new mama's lap, my daughter-in-law. She is a Gordon Setter.

Now for my flowers….this is my Black Lace Elderberry bush…grows super high so have to keep it trimmed down.  I don't think it should be in the shade because it seems to get moldy, but that is where the previous owners planted it.

A full view of the Mock Orange - that which I THINK is a Mock Orange. Smells heavenly.

My black/purple Iris.  Very gorgeous.  It will be great when it spreads and I have a whole slew of them!

One nice thing about Oregon….it gets enough rain to support beautiful flowers and trees!

Have a lovely day! Weekend is nearly upon us.

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Completed the Backcountry Beanie for Steph

Made the brim in one color of VC and the pom, and then did the body in another.

I had to remember to pull the old color in front when switching colors each time - which I didn't always do! Then had to take out the whole two rows as generally didn't discover it until I was at the next color change.

I didn't make clusters - just dc'd it all the way instead.  Get the pattern and you will see!  I also made the dc's in the blo instead of both loops to keep the ribbing pattern.

This version is very warm feeling and has lots of squishy texture!

Monday, May 16, 2016

Seaside Beanie finished…

I finished one of the several I am making.  The next one is started in pink. I hope to have them all finished and mailed off by the end of May.  Some bursitis is slowing me down!!

My purple/blue Iris I planted.  Am happy to see some of the flowers I planted as most of those here are from the previous owner.

This is a lily that came in the pot I bought at an auction at the girls elementary school.  I am going to plant the bulbs next to the Iris above for a dash of color when it is all said and done!