Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Yum, yum, yum!

(My way)

Have you ever tried a butternut squash soup recipe?  My lovely step-daughter makes it from scratch.  It's wonderful! BUT - I am not a scratch type person, so I looked for an easier way to make it.

I found a box of Pacific organic creamy butternut squash soup (yes that is the whole name, and not capitalized on the box just that way).

It makes about three bowls of soup for me.  I don't measure so perhaps you should do so to your own tastes.  I put in "about" two teaspoons of Hot Madras Curry Powder  (it's hotter and tastier - I find the more I make the soup the more curry I can use).  

If I don't have any pears or applesauce to whip in there (use a blender on the pears) then I add a half cup of apple cider or a tablespoon of sugar.  It cuts the heat and cuts the dull taste of the curry. The "real recipe" calls for pureed apples or pears.

I'll vary the combination from here. Most times I use a teaspoon of onion powder, sometimes some garlic powder, and I use Jane's Krazy Mixed-Up Salt as it has it's own seasonings. I just sprinkle to taste.

If I have coconut milk, I will add that. If I don't, then I will add some coconut oil.  When you stir it up it will emulsify and you get just a hint of coconut.

Sprinkle some cilantro on top, and if you don't have any fresh, then add some dried to the soup while you heat it up! Still yummy!

There are times I find crisp bacon crumbled on top is great, or if I have made it too spicy hot, I can add some sour cream or sweet cornbread croutons.

Sorry…no photos, but will add some when I make it tonight! ETA: Photo and corrections to ingredient names added! Enjoy!

Happy Eating!


Monday, March 2, 2015

Fun week!

On my Ravelry group we had a lovely swap for March.  I made the sweet little doily in green….which was way harder than I had imagined as the color was too dark. This came from a pattern book called Extra-Special Doilies by Mary Werst, Leisure Arts Book #3588, and each one is really a treasure! I only made one half of the doily in the pattern and it was still really pretty!

MY doily

This is one completed in the Ravelry data base by RosesNLace. Spectacular!

Then I sent along the Spring scarf for when the weather finally starts getting warmer.  I used a stitch that was sc, dc across and then sc on the dc and dc on the sc. Makes it lighter.

I finished and sent the Seattle Seahawks type hat…and it was a little big for Stephanie. She rolls up the edge and then it fits…won't let me replace it.

My wonderful package came from North Carolina!  A really sparkly and welcomed Welcome sign!

Two skeins of Unforgettable in Meadow…such a beautiful color…along with a hook and some stickers.

The best part of the gift is the scrumptious Irish Rose that I will sew to a small pillow. It's beautiful!

Yesterday I knitted (that means TRIED to knit) a dishcloth.  It was fun to try, but soooo soooo slow! Took me all day (it was for practice only) and then I made one that took hour in crochet. Big difference!

Two more weeks and a day to St. Patrick's Day….are you making anything special?

Now we are on to an Easter/Spring swap, a contest or two, and having fun!!!

I have a pair of mittens to show next week, and the progress on the Windowpane Afghan.


Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Window Pane Afghan

I started making this lovely thing for my nephew in California.  He and his wife are renovating a home using some lovely tones of grey and taupe and camel…lighter than what the afghan has in it, so I suppose the afghan will be the "color" in the room! Hopefully a lovely focal point.

THEN I discovered I was ONE stitch off after I was starting the second set of double trebles in the camel color.  I kept thinking that the wandering charcoal double long trebles was due to their length.  It was, however, their placement.  I guess I can't count.

So this is my froggy.

I am starting over again. One nice thing is that using the winder to help frog makes it a less painful experience!

Today I had the Lowe's people out to discuss the placement of my fence in back. Could not get my neigbor back there to return my calls, so we were having to come up with an odd placement to keep off her land.  In looking at the plats it came to my attention that my next door neighbor is encroached by 5 feet onto my property.  I had no idea when I purchased the house that what he fenced in was mine.  I don't think I can do anything about it but that bugs me when I have a hard time fencing what IS mine and find out someone else seemed to have an easy time fencing what is MINE.

Owning a home can be so interesting!