Sunday, August 2, 2015

Slowly but surely….

I hope to add the crocodile scales by the end of the week, then finish up the other bootie. They should be quite cute. I love this coloring!

I'm getting close to finishing the crocheted tote, too.  Just have one side and the handles and I'm done, done, done!

The side is wider than the pattern says, and two toned. I was running out of yarn and had to pick a way to use another skein of a different color. Not the best way, but workable.  It's larger than it looks and quite roomy.  I plan on trying my hand at "slightly" felting it so the stitches are tight.

This is a tote/bag designed by RubraCrafts on Etsy.  Her's is prettier than mine, but my hands started cramping so quit making the stitches in the blo and the flo.  She also designed a pattern for fingerless mitts that I posted about early this year.  I love those soon much!

Monday, July 27, 2015

Window Panes Afghan

This is from the old book Vanna's Afghans All Through The House.  My two favorite afghan projects are made from patterns in this book.  Some day will try another one, but need to stretch my imagination as am not as fond of the look of most of them. I think it is the colors chosen. 

This one, however is my favorite!!!

I have finally returned to working on this afghan for my nephew and his wife for their new house.  I hope I get it finished before they move again!!!

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Finished the gauntlets and booties and on to the next booties!

This is the beginning of the new booties for Val.

 I have actually finished two soles and am up 1/2 way on one side.  Should be done in a week with both I hope!

I have not been as diligent on the tote, but am making progress.  Probably about almost 1/2 finished.  Looks great!