Monday, May 2, 2016

Progress on the Beanie

The top is meant to be the right side and below is the wrong side…however, I think it would be reversible…especially as the ribbing will show up on the brim when it is turned toward the "wrong" side of the beanie.

I am going to try my hand at making a beanie with reversing just the portion that is in the lighter magenta color so that when it is turned up both the hat and the folded brim will be shown in ribbing.

Next one I make will be in NFL colors. Right now I am again nursing the bump on my right hand.  You'd think that it would be used to the slip stitch, but NO - it seems to get worse with that and the post stitches.

The flowers are from the front yard on the SW side…these are the ones that I planted, except for the ones with the white dangling flowers. I forgot what that are called.  They multiply every year so that now they are standing up, thick as thieves!  Before each stem would bend sideways with the weight of the plant.

I like these two Iris, and have them near each other. They are pretty much opposites in color and to me they really are beautiful together. You have to look twice to realize you aren't looking at the same one!

Pansies….they remind me of my husband. When he passed away they bloomed in December at the Idaho house right after…it was like he was telling me he was okay.

This is a Japanese Iris.  Looks like they are all in the same family of colors!

So what are these called?  Snowdrops?  (You will laugh when you saw what I wrote! I almost published it until I read through again…I typed Snot drops! Yikes!!

Enjoy your Monday!  And if you have a chance there is a cool site Called Cath Kinston you might want to check out.  Very UK!!  Love the pattern so much!

Sunday, May 1, 2016

Backache & Projects

I made a beanie type hat from a beautiful pattern by RubraC on Ravelry.  It is called Ten Times Beanie.  GREAT pattern, and I really love the way it worked up.  I used Jo-Ann's Sensations which is now discontinued.  Too bad as it was a good sport weight.

You can't get away without seeing some of my flowers.  This is a Rhododendron in the corner of the back yard.  The bush is huge and hasn't been trimmed properly over the years, so the thing sprawls all over….but it is beautiful! 

My purple clematis…don't know the name of it. This is the first year that it has really bloomed well.

This is the scarf I made for myself.  I made it a tad wider than I should have so wrapped it is more like a neck cowl and doesn't hang down much.  That's fine…it is warm and the color is outstanding! Malabrigo…Rios?  Can't remember.

It's a great yarn.  I wish I had got ahead and splurged on buying this years ago.


I discovered something after coming back from the WA house.  I had to sit at the dining table to keep the dogs at bay while crocheting.  The set I have there is the tall bar stool height table and chairs, so my feet never hit the floor. I had to keep them on the rungs of the chair all the time.  

My back, due mostly to walking, improved greatly over a 5 month period.  What I didn't realize it how much sitting in that chair helped until I came back to my OR home.  I don't have the same setup here, so am sitting on regular chairs.  I always sit on pads since I am shorter in the body.

My back has really started bugging me again, and part is due to not walking as much, BUT I found this morning that it has a great deal to do with my body type and the chair.  It hurt when I'd get up or sit there.  

I found that from the back of my knee to the bottom of my foot I have 19 1/2 inches of length, from there to where my back hits the back of a chair (when you are sitting you are an L in the body),  I am 17 1/2 inches. That means at 64 1/2 inches tall, my body is the rest.

The problem is the knee to the foot…the chair is 21 1/2 inches from floor to the top of the seat. So I am bending 2 inches to make my feet hit the floor.  That puts me in the very position that bothers my back…sort of bending forward.  WHEN I PUT MY FEET UP FOUR INCHES ON THE TABLE LEGS MY PAIN GOES AWAY!!

I only mention this in case you, too, can't account for pain in your back.  I realized several years ago that looking for pretty rocks while I walked was one of the reasons my back hurt - when I thought I was helping by walking I made it worse by bending forward looking for rocks!

So, back to crochet, here is a beanie I am making based on the pattern for BackCountry Beanie.  I'm doing it a little different, but as I am using the pattern as a basis for what I am doing I won't list the steps.  I'm making it for a friend. I wanted to try two colors, one for the brim so that I could make beanies in college school colors.

Have a great end to the weekend, and a wonder new week! Happy May!

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Nothing to report…working on the scarf still…but here are some photos!

So, thought I would share some things I like…this is a catio to keep a cat safe outdoor, with an indoor space.  It has climbing stairs and plants to help shade the space.  I love it! 

This is going to be a project I put together for the deck!  I actually think it is something I can do by myself, and love the way it looks.

This is my Tommy Socks up on the neighbor's roof last summer.  Spooky eyes!

And this is a wall of plants from a house in Spain I think.  I just think this is such an awesome idea.  Hooks in the way where you can put the plants out during temperate times and bring in if you have to…and you can water them in place!

Found some squares from one of Margaret's mystery afghans from two years ago…(Mugginsquilts on Ravelry) so am going to put them together soon.  That might be in the next post.  Also the finished scarf. Sure am enjoying the yarn.

Have a great evening!