Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Seattle Seahawks colors in a snuggly hat!

I made this hat during Seattle's last game of the playoffs.  My counter-part grandmother lives near Seattle and is a rabid fan.  Her son (my DSIL) is also a fan, so I get to watch the football games every so often at his and my DSD's house. He and I both like to scream and get excited!!

I sent it to her and she said it arrived in good order and it fit! It is made from Vanna's Choice with a K hook.

I started out with four chains to make a loop, and then 12 hdc in the loop. I increased to 24 (2hdc in ea hdc) on the next row (always hdc), then 36 (1 dc first hdc, 2 dc in next around). On any increase row I start out with the chain and end with a hdc in that same stitch making the very last stitch an increase.  I think it hides the yucky bottom of the chain 3 a lot better that way.

 The next row I may or may not increase another 12, according to whose head will be wearing it.  You can try the circle on your own head to see how it is fitting and do accordingly as far as increases for the next row or two. Then just do hdc until it is as long as you want. 

As I change colors I, of course, use the Air-Crochet to avoid any additional chains going up the back, and I also move the change of color to another stitch in the row…always starting on the first hdc of an increased hdc stitch.  That way even the changes are harder to find.

When it is large enough I change to a smaller hook size, generally one hook size.  I will dc around one row, making sure the count is even, and on the next row after I chain 3, I make on fpdc in the next stitch, one bpdc in the next one around.  The very first chain 3 is counted like a bpdc.  I continue making the band until it is the length I want, or the next owner wants, then on the very last row I do a sc around … generally in the K hook so it isn't too tight.  Again, according to the recipient.

The pompom is made with one of those specialty pom makers in the large size, but had to trim it o much I think the medium size would have been just fine.

Enjoy…and don't forget to change colors using the Air-Crochet to make it look more finished!