Sunday, July 6, 2014

I AM KNITTING!…..well, sort of…..

I decided to try my hand at knitting again.  It's been years and I have had such a time trying to go back. Instead of a large project, this time I decided to stick to something smaller.  So, a small square seemed the trick!  A dish cloth!!  

The first one is a Tunisian cloth, then the sec on is knit.  I didn't do the borders properly, so am keeping this one.  The third one isn't shown yet as it is a gift.  However, it is turning out quite nicely!

Now below is the graham cracker desert that my mom used to make.  You take graham crackers and spread fresh whipped cream on them and stack them, then "frost" them with the rest of the whipped, sweetened cream.  Put it in the freezer and serve up the next day.

SOOOOOO good!  She also made it with those chocolate round wafer type cookies. Yum!!

I would think by now most of you know that I am not much of a cook, but as I have LOTS of cooking 'things' and am getting tired of McDonalds (not to mention that I have put on lots of weight - and I know the graham cracker cake doesn't help!) I thought I'd better start actually cooking a full meal now and again.

Wa, la!  A roast with all the veggies! Yum…very good if I do say so myself.  So far it has lasted three days, so am finishing it up tonight, except for some extra meat I will freeze for another go at sandwiches later on.  

I did get the rice cooker out, too. Found it is a steamer and slow cooker, too, so am excited to use it.  I want to make my mom's "American Fried Rice" which I love.  I will love it IF I can find the recipe or at least replicate it properly! Rice, bacon cut into pieces and fried, green onions, fried egg,  and sometimes cooked carrots, with a dash of vinegar and some bacon grease.  Not good for the coronary patient!

Have a great Sunday!