Thursday, August 15, 2013

Life slowing down

Well, hello can be a bit hectic at times but right now I am having a slower period.  My DSD has now quit work, except having to go in to cover vacations every so often, so she will be home with the granddaughters.  No need for me to take care of them....sad, but happy too! ;o)  I can get some cleaning finished and some washing done. Ran out of clean carpri's so reduced myself to wearing Burmuda shorts.  My legs aren't what should be shown in public.

Today I began (yet again) studying for the drivers test.  I am not a good test taker so haven't taken myself to the DMV yet.  When hubby was alive he would drive me, and that somehow gave me courage to have company.  Although I like having my solitude, it isn't as much fun as when you share your day with your best friend, even if you are just sitting quietly in the same room.  
Here are the two granddaughters doing just that...Quietly because they are using my iPads! ;o)
What I thought were weeds has finally come full circle...unfortunately I did take one set out before deciding to leave the roots in and see what came up.  I am not a Dahlia grower, so did not recognize the root stock or the leaves.  Beautiful, yes?  Wish I had left them alone now!  I did see where there are some coming up in another area, so am cultivating those!  Could be where I tossed the root stock from the digging...

I did plant some Sweetpea, and they are finally blooming.  Not hot enough here to let them grow as spectacular as they did in Idaho.  I had a huge fence covered in them for months.
I am very pleased with these!  They are sooooo vibrant!  Will plant the seeds of the flowers to have a whole gigantic spread of them next year.
Last, but not least, I need to know what this plant/tree/thingy is.  My DSD says Gunnera (or something like that).  The leaves are gigantic...but I don't see where the Gunnera gets as tall as these are.  It's cool, but the leaves drop in winter and it looks like three sticks someone left in the ground!
Lastly, my project. It is one I started and put away.  I'm using the yarn from another project that I made with a lighter weight yarn can't see what I am doing  yet, but thought I should at least show what the colors are and a sneak of a corner of it!  More to follow....and will finish up my shawl, too. Promise.
Have a great day!