Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Little Cuties in "L"

I participate in a Letter Swap.  This is where you take the persons first name and use that as the basis for the pattern you choose.  My person was Liz, so I had to find "L" patterns.

So for my first pattern, I chose something with Large as part of the title, and the second pattern had Little as part of the title.  The Large was smaller than the Little. :o)

 First, the Large - it is a Large White, or better known as a cabbage butterfly.

Then there is the Little - it's a Little Lime from the same book, 75 Birds, Butterflies and Beautiful Beasties to Knit and Crochet, by Lesley Stanfield

Then I made a Strawberry Potholder - but had to call it a Lacy Strawberry Potholder to get it in the right "L" category!  This is from an old Annie's Attic pattern leaflet #851 called Crocheted Potholders 3, by Leisure Arts.  The design is by Kay Fisher Meadors.  There is a cool grape cluster potholder in there that I want to try.  

The yarn is much brighter and prettier than it shows in these photos.

The last gift was a lovely set of patterns of Lacy Shawls to Knit.

Whew!  Made it!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Heart to Heart....

I have been into potholders a lot lately.  I found a lovely pattern to make for fun and frolic, and it turned out to be a tad more difficult to put together than I thought it should. The pattern maker is Scandinavian (Carola Wijma) and the translation into English is a little off for the normal way of our doing crochet.  However, she does have a beautiful graph that is of help.  The Ravelry download is called Grandma's Heart.

There are so many gorgeous projects you can make with this pattern, but I wanted another potholder for my DSIL that was bright and fun.

Do you remember ever seeing one of those plant holders you put on the wall that is shaped like a heart?  Rather like sconces. I think if you had a ratty container that is small this would be the perfect cover up to use, sans loop, and have it coordinate with the colors in your room.  I'd think the container would have to be something you can hang easily, then pin this around to the wall or around the container.

Carola has some little purses made and they are just darling! Perfect for a little one to carry when wearing her favorite fancy dress!