Saturday, February 19, 2011

Oh my - I missed a whole month!

I just noted the date on the last blog....just before New Years!  I missed wishing everyone happy Valentine's! Glad I remembered to change the theme to St. Patrick's or I would have never realized just how slack I have become.

I promise, I have lots of GOOD excuses.

I think a lot of you have been on Bev's site (One Yarn After Another) and noted that she is doing knooking upon occasion.  Well, she has me interested, so I am going to pursue this idea once I get a booklet from Rhonda's store on Etsy, Off The Hook Art.  I have tried it on my own, and although I know how to knit (but don't) I cannot understand how this works.  I have tried. I'm a dunce. 

However, I SHALL overcome.  I have a dream.........amigurumi by knooking. :o)