Sunday, October 31, 2010

An Astounding Web Site

There are many web sites out there that have amazing people designing projects for us all, some more amazing than others.  Well, this is one of the MOST amazing designers I have ever seen! If you take a look at her site, go back to the beginning and see her original designs and then see how she has grown into making intricate and delightful creatures.

Now this site isn't for the faint of heart! Well, in the sense if you wish to make something she designs, that is. The newest patterns are extremely delightful!

Please stop by and visit Amigurumi Artist and spend some time viewing the most wonderful collections of amigurumi pets and pests you have ever seen!

Monday, October 25, 2010

My Traveling Scarf Returns Home!

This beautiful scarf has returned home from making it around the whole continent!  I asked each person to write about their mom as I dedicated the scarf and journal to my mother, and theirs.

I had to take photos of it in sections as it is so nice and large - warm and soft and fuzzy, and BEAUTIFUL!!

....also, below is a photo of what came out of my goodie gift bag! Yay!

 Top photo - bottom to top: My square, Margaret's, Rebecca's, and Paula's on top.
 Second photo - bottom up: Becky's, Dawnn's, Liz's, and Karen's
 Third photo - bottom up:  Jessica's, Peggy's and Tanya's!
....and last, but not least, my gifts - beautiful postcards from all around, teas, chocolate, not pads, magnets, and a lovely wash cloth! Wow! THANKS!
The most wonderful part of this is what each person wrote in my journal about their mother. I cried so much I could not read it all in one sitting! One thing I have learned - mothers everywhere are dedicated to loving their children and raising them right, even when they have to give up things for themselves to make it right for the kids.

How lucky we are to have mothers who loves us and teach us respect, love, and working hard to attain our goals!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

For Lessie

In our Itsy Bitsy Kitchen swap, I made Lessie a Leopard Spot potholder. Somehow it looks a bit more like a spot on a cow to me! ;o)  On the other side I used a variegated yarn to, again, try to replicate spots on a big cat. As I had a Tiger button, I went ahead and put it on one side in the middle as the "top" as you only need one side on a potholder against a pot.

Then I sewed a ribbon on the bottom of a hand towel, and at the top I made a looped holder with the Tiger button to keep it in place....matching the potholder. I put in another towel in brown, and gave her all the left over ribbon, yarn and buttons in case she wanted to make something more.

Then I added little gifts that had "spots" to go with the theme, as well as a knit magazine.  Here is her photo with the goodies, and below that the kitty playing with one of the balls! ;o)

Monday, October 18, 2010

Hell's Canyon, Idaho

My husband and I took my BFF from Savannah to the Hell's Canyon Recreational Site along the Snake River. Then on the way home we traveled up the Kleinschmidt Grade, which is a one lane switchback up the side of the mountain, to travel into Council.
It was not what I would call fun - an experience perhaps, but NOT fun....except to be with my BFF and hubby.

Beautiful scenery.