Monday, May 10, 2010

FINALLY - The Rockland Throw

I am about finished with the weaving in of the ends, but just have to show this beauty to you all. This is for my SIL Carol who lives in Michigan. It took me so long to do that her winter type weather is nearly over and more than likely she won't be needing it until the coming winter.  It was made with love and adoration for her love and acceptance of me into the family. You see, I married the man who was married to her SIL.  Carol's husband was the eldest brother to Amy - who passed away in 2002 of bone cancer.  From all I know of Amy she was a wonderful, delightful person who was a friend to many.  To be able to come into a family of such a fabulous lady and be accepted so readily is amazing. Carol helped that come about, as did all of Amy's brothers and sister, and her father Dick.  I am truly blessed to know them and be a part of their lives, however small that part is.

So, just as a token of my feelings I made this for her. I have another one I am putting together for Amy's youngest sister, Pam, and one for each of her brothers.  They have all given me warmth and I wish to return the favor! ;o)

I loved doing this pattern for the beauty and ease, but have found that I am so use to swaps that doing the same pattern over and over and over again (19 hex's) I get bored easily! Bad girl! I think the colors in the second photo are more true.

I added two rows to the join to give it a little extra is still smaller than I thought it would be, so more of a lap 'ghan, but still very lovely.  You can find it here ... Rockland Throw by Doris Chan.

Happy Crocheting!