Saturday, February 27, 2010

Dolly Donations for Charity

Speaking of charities, they just seem to keep popping up!

Now someone has posted a note that there is a "Dolly Donations" charity which is making and asking to be made, a few hundred dolls....right now ethnic ones to go to Haiti.  They have patterns and tips on the site.  I have a sewing machine so might could sew something up. Some of the dolls sent in are just awesome!  I hope I do this right as want to link you to the site via the photos....we shall see.

So, if you are out of charities, you could be joining this one on and off this year and ship out a doll or two.  I'm beginning to think that we crafters are going to save the world one dolly, one square, one heart at a time.

Dolly Donations

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Charity Daisy Square

The square on the right is the one that I sent to Krystal for her charity square.  Her web site is here and if you get her pattern then  you send her a square so she can put them all together (she has made about six or seven in one year) and donate to one of her charities listed in her blog.

The one on the left is going to have a mate in pink and I'm making a pillow for my granddaughter with it. One of the squares in her Pinkalicious Afghan is made with this pattern and she loves it. 

Can't help but want to spoil the little ones


Finally, I have found a cowl that I can crochet and it's really really nice!  Lion Brand put this new pattern up on it's site, and I love it!  PLUS it is made in Vanna's Choice which is the one yarn you can count on my having lots of stashed away!

You can find this pattern here, and hope you love it as much as I do!!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Secret Valentine Swap

Lucky me! This is my haul on the Valentine swap! Erin was kind enough to make me a wonderful cowl and a double sided scalloped potholder! It matches my kitchen! In addition, she is helping to feed my crochet addiction with more yarn and scissors, my chocolate & sugar addictions with candy hearts and Dove's dark chocolate hearts, and finally my jigsaw addiction with two jigsaw puzzles!

There are a lovely set of note cards, two packs of note paper - one with a pen! (The very same kind of note paper & pen I keep in the car to leave notes on those cars where the parent leaves their young kids alone in the car while they shop, or the pets when it's over 80 degrees, or take two parking spaces!!! THANKS for helping that addiction, too!).

Last, but definitely not least, is a calendar with magnet and shopping list, some fancy tissues which I always need, and a oil/bamboo Rain scented air freshener for my bathroom/kitchen/you-name-it!

The photos of the potholder show both sides, and you can get a better look at the cowl in that close-up shot. See! I'm very lucky!


Friday, February 12, 2010

The Last Two Misty Squares

Finally - I have finished the squares. The top square is for Peggy and is called Puffs and Posts from one of my books. The second square is one of the Priscilla Hewitt squares from Ravelry called Carousel. You have to pay attention when doing it, but it sure is a lovely square! Mine is a bit off because I missed a stitch early on, and as it was really about done when I caught it, I just adjusted the stitches to match what I had. It still looks nice, so am going to send it on, mistake and all! This one is for Erin to match the purple and linen dusty square I did earlier on in the Nordic Star - also a Priscilla Hewitt pattern.

I just love her stuff! Finally decided to buy some of her patterns since I use so many for free. Now I'll have some new squares to use!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

I just added a new blog to my list....I found her through going over lots of other blogs....our usual practice, right?  Click here, read there, check this out, try that...pretty soon you find yourself in Australia or Mexico reading about the most awesome people.

Well, I have done just that - I found a lady in England that loves granny squares.  I mean LOVES them.  She is nearly all granny....nearly.  She is bright and perky and awesome...and finds the most interesting patterns.  Not that she has them up for free, but you know how easy it is to copy a granny pattern, and so she looks over the world and comes up with some super looking items.

Check her out in her attic

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Nearly Done with Misty

So here are my latest two creations for the Misty Swap. The top one is Square #82 again from "101 Granny Squares" book by Darla Simms. Peggy liked the one I did before, so made her one.

I had assigned her another square that was the "Centered Square" by Jan Eaton, I think...???...but I didn't love the square and finally pulled it from the running. It was blue and purple and green. Ugh.

So the granddaughter received it along with the purple bobble square. For those who need to know, a 12" square is a PERFECT size for an afghan for a Barbie doll! Grandma was a hit with the babes, and the swappers get two better squares so everyone will be (or is) happy!

The bottom square is for Margaret. She wanted one color, and although I didn't have a problem in making something in Seaspray one color only, I was having a difficult time making something again - did the bobbles in purple and didn't like it. Started one in Denim Misty and didn't like that. Finally settled on the Rose Misty and am happier with it.
This square is the Fisherman's Ring in the middle by Patricia Hewitt, and then I continued using the Hot Pepper cross stitch sides before finishing off with dc. This square reminds me of peppermint! I guess I should call it my Peppermint Patty square, except that it is a take off on other designers work!