Tuesday, September 8, 2009

One More Hex Finished - 12 more to go!

This is one for Jaime.

Cat and her Kawasaki Voyager IIV

Photo of me with the San Diego Touring Society in Borrego Springs, CA at the park. We had just stopped for lunch at a restaurant that was "famous" for their buffalo burgers. Might be one reason I am slowing turning vegetarian! Dry and tasteless to me. Sold the bike in 2003.

Friday, September 4, 2009

Fall is Coming!

Fall is coming - can you feel it?  It's just around the corner - 18 days to be exact, and the very first day of Autumn 2009 will arrive!

The summer has been cool compared to last, and last summer was cool compared to the one before.  The winter that followed each was also colder and longer, so I am anticipating a long cold winter with lots of snow staying on the ground.  Thus, I am preparing to sew together all the afghan squares I have received in the Vanna's Choice Fan Club group swap this year.

In a previous post I showed off the two afghans I made for the grandchildren.  Now I am working on one which was made in more Christmas colors in rather Victorian themes.

This is going to be one large, heavy, luxurious blanket!  And it's going to me MINE!  I also have one from the Winter Wonderland colors that 'may' stay home, and one in the Dusty colors that I love.  I may have to give that one up, but maybe not!

The one below will be going to my SIL when it is finished. Hopefully by Christmas! It has taken me lots of time to finish as it is one of those time consuming projects that just keeps eating up more time that I have to spare (and get other crocheting done!).  When it's completed it will be a joy to give away! ;o)  That said, it really is a blessing to make something for such a lovely lady who is cat crazy, too!