Friday, January 23, 2009

Garn Studio Design

This is a knit design made in Tunisian crochet. I had recommended it to someone in the Dog Crochet and Knit Group on Ravelry. The design was red and white and the doggie sweater was awesome. However, it was knitted and I can' I thought about Tunisian and followed the graph for part of the pattern. I used a large hook just to play with it and am glad to say that it turned out quite nice! I'd have to use a different yarn and a smaller hook to get most of the pattern in it, but for now this is fine. I think this will be for a Yorkie for one of the nurses at our doctor's office. Must get around to finishing it first! Right now I am working on cat faces for an Tunisian afghan for my SIL.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

My Eeyore

While waiting for the yarn for my SIL's afghan, I decided to de-stash a bit. Eeyore is in Cotton-Ease, but the backgound is another yarn. It is called Rozetti, Two Fold. 75% Acrylic and 25% Wool...machine washable and dryable. That sounded so nice. 197 yards, too. 

But note the top of the fabric (which was my side as I made it from a knit graph and the Tunisian stitches are taller than wide so had to do it sideways to come out right). Anyway, it pills and frays on the side something awful. Don't know if it will keep it up with use. Otherwise, love the way it blocked (not pictured). The Cotton-Ease has the best colors for the graph of Eeyore (see here), but I should not have used an F hook. That was way too hard. I had to under-the-circumstances because I didn't have enough yarn for a larger graph. Just wanted to use up what I had...NOT buy more yarn!

During this process my husband felt sorry me and the contraption that I put together to keep my yarn straight. There was one time I had 14 bobbins hanging for this little graph! So, we collaborated and he came up with the most wonderful present for me! (Not pictured). It keeps my yarns and bobbins straight and in their place and now
graphing is a breeze! Wow! Good to have a wood-working-hubby!

Cat's "cat" with 3 whiskers

I experimented with the stitch on the whiskers. I will re-do the top two to look like the bottom one, as it was the best. I ordered the yarn for my SIL's afghan, so soon I shall be making lots of cat faces. I love the way the Vanna's Choice works up. I decided to make it with one size larger hook, so had to order more hooks from MoEZ. If the yarn makes it here before the hooks (good probability) then I'll go up two sizes and go ahead and get started.

While waiting, I am making an Eeyore in Cotton-Ease. That was a mistake. The colors are great, but I wanted to use up my stash and didn't have enough of the blue unless it was a smaller version. So, it is taking me longer to make it on an F hook. Oh, my. My left hand is feeling just awful. I'll use it as a backing to a jean jacket. Should work well.